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Face Book

Post by goldenstar » Mon Feb 13, 2017 3:55 pm

I was a member years ago, but could nt see what all the fuss was about

I went back there about 6 months ago and had another look around .....

I kind of get it now... you join lots of groups ... so many celeb groups and interest groups...
you ..... like.... the pages ...

then sit back and new posts in those groups will start rolling up in your face book page .

You can create a few groups of your own too and post to them

In the end its a bit like Tumblr... the same thing happens in there too

the plus for face book though is that its easy to comment on each pic that appears

and then you get notification of any comments so there is a nice feedback for your effors
at posting which kindof gives face book the edge over Tumblr
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