Pry Minister Theresa May

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Pry Minister Theresa May

Post by fiiaoy » Sat Jun 03, 2017 9:02 pm

The Snooper's Charter passed into law this week – say goodbye to your privacy

The fact that you’re on this website is – potentially – state knowledge. Service providers must now store details of everything you do online for 12 months – and make it accessible to dozens of public authorities.

Under the guise of counter-terrorism, the British state has achieved totalitarian-style surveillance powers – the most intrusive system of any democracy in history. It now has the ability to indiscriminately hack, intercept, record, and monitor the communications and internet use of the entire population.

by Silkie Carlo 19/11/16 - The Independent

How about a god dam referendum on this issue ? we weren't asked when the banks were bailed out. Its a bureaucratic nightmare, imagine the cost to maintain this and its quangos? we'll have to pay that. Consider the privacy implications, and lack of safeguards. Even if they implement some measures, all this is easily circumvented, it takes a jobsworth to "misplace" a usb stick with all our data.

God knows how venal ppl are nowadays, considering the economic climate. They can be persuaded to act against their best interest, when goons come knocking. Its not like the post office is renowned for their due diligence and integrity, especially when they're now 'privatised'.

Cameron and his cronies in the Chitty, would love to get their hands on this treasure trove of blackmail material. I dont need to remind you guys of the governments/private sectors track record in project 'cockups'.

Orwell....all's not well, Big Brother and now its mother Theresa :( we're as free as they allow us to be. If we good we get to play outside, oh please ma'am can i have some more ? mooooore.....Mooorree !

Guardian Article: The costly trail of British government IT and 'big bang' project disasters

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