DVD ripper problem

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DVD ripper problem

Post by wicorman » Wed Jul 18, 2012 12:48 pm

Because I haven't the technology to record direct to my PC, I have been dubbing recordings from my DVD recorder to a disk and using AutoGK to extract videos for editing. Until recently I had an old 4:3 ratio TV with the recorder st up accordingly but, since I got a new wide-screen TV and adjusted the recorder input setting to 16:9, AutoGK stil detects the input recording as 4:3 and compresses its output video horizontally. Using AutoGK's "hidden settings" to override this doesn't work because it isn't authorised to create a file on the DVD.
I've searched both AutoGK and recorder references to find a solution but to no avail, so now I cannopt create videos from my recordings, only caps.

Does anyone have any ideas? Any helpful suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advnce
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