Other loose ends from the old TSCelebs...

Chat here about stuff that doesn't fit into any single celeb thread.
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Other loose ends from the old TSCelebs...

Post by rodneyandsteptoe » Sun Mar 06, 2011 3:48 pm

The other UK category was the VIDS section. The most viewed was "Charlotte Hawkins - stockings" - individual vids in the section never got many views so a top 5 wasn't really worth doing :(

As for the International section, only Grainne Seoige in the TV Presenters section got views of any number worth mentioning (12482). :D

As a final hoorah for the old forum, the last post was by arfur on Thursday 3rd Feb at 3.38pm. It was in the Cat Anley thread and involved the posting of caps and a vid of Cat from 15/09/2006. Ironic that the last post on the old forum was of material over 4 years ago! :lol:
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